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Author Profiles (provided by the authors)

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Headshot for Ayrison


Have You Seen My Animal Friends?

What's On the Road?

Qu'est-ce qui est sur la route?

Ayrison Ahilraj is a 5-year-old boy with a great imagination. He loves to read and express his imagination through writing. He enjoys building, playing sports, and the piano. He loves to travel and explore new cultures and languages. He speaks English, French, Tamil and currently learning Spanish.

Headshot of Yusuf Abubakar

Yusuf A

Love Spelled Backwards

Yusuf is an author of three books, a podcast host and an award-nominated freelance writer. He currently lives in Brampton, Ontario. You can connect with Yusuf via his social networks!

Headshot of Sue Archer 

Sue Archer

Fortune's Shadow

Sue Archer has been writing stories ever since she purchased a typewriter at age eight. She is on a lifelong quest to read all the things and has been spotted haunting the stacks in several towns throughout Ontario, Canada. While waiting for her chance to open a doorway to another world, she is writing about Bridgepoint, a town where magic and mayhem are always just around the corner. 

Tom Argall headshot

T. Gregory Argall

The Tuesday Morning War

The Ex From Hell & Other Stories - The Brambleshot Papers: Book One

Darwin's Next Dance

T. Gregory Argall, the other Canadian playwright, is the author of more than 20 stageplays. He lives in Brampton, with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and Lefty Stitchnibbler the Wondercat. In addition to writing for the stage, Mr. Argall has also written several screenplays, some webcomics, a few novels, a couple of musicals, and literally dozens of emails. Oh, and he’s co-creator of the sketch comedy podcast "Yer Mom's A Podcast" too. When not writing, Mr. Argall can be found perfecting his pogo-stick skydiving technique or juggling pine trees on the beaches of Antarctica. (Who are we kidding? He's never not writing.) If you are one who does such things, you can find him on Facebook as T. Gregory Argall, the Other Canadian Playwright. Be sure to "like" him. He's quite likeable.

Headshot of Eleanor Beharie

Eleanor Beharie

GLOBETROTTING DIVA: Adventures of a Much Travelled Woman

Eleanor St. Theresa Beharie was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She’s a prolific storyteller and enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. She is multi-talented and enjoys travelling and expressing her creativity through various crafts. Eleanor has two children and two grandchildren and currently resides with her husband in Ontario, Canada.

Headshot of Mohineet Kaur Boparai

Mohineet Kaur Boparai


Mohineet Kaur Boparai is a poet and writer. She has been widely published internationally in journals and has published three books and two chapbooks of poetry. She has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her interview titled, “India’s Rising Star,” was published by Zymbol Magazine in 2014 among other works of poetry and literary criticism. Apart from being a poet she is also an academic, and teacher. Her research interests include postcolonial literature, Indian writing in English, modern world poetry and American literature. Her research is interdisciplinary and often draws on subjects like psychology, sociology and geography in understanding literary texts. She has a Ph.D. in English. She is 34 and is a Canadian immigrant residing in the Greater Toronto Area. She believes that her roles as a mother and wife are as important as her role as a thinker and writer.

Headshot of Anjula Evans

Anjula Evans

Kids & COVID Questions: What Can I Do at Home?


Where is My Gigi? Losing Someone You Love

If you're looking for books for children or young adults meant to help build self-esteem or address difficult topics, Anjula has a background as a Children's Therapist with a Master's Degree and brings that experience to her writing. Anjula started writing/illustrating "The Super-Hero Survival Guide" five years ago for reluctant young readers, and now has four series of illustrated books and one novel available on Amazon. Her first novel for young adults, "Antares Trap", introduces ethical issues and shows that we always have choices, no matter what the circumstances are. The underlying message in her writing is: "It's possible to face our challenges and overcome them."

Headshot of Imaan Gill

Imaan Gill

Browntown Diaries

Imaan Gill is a university student from Brampton and he took the experiences from living in a South-Asian family for his debut novel, Browntown Diaries. The character of Karan is loosely based on an exaggerated version of himself, and the overall story is based on his actual experiences. Imaan spends his free time writing code and playing the guitar. He has been an active member of various clubs at his school such as DECA, VEX Robotics, Student Council and Math Contest Team. He is a founding member of his school’s Science Club as well. Outside of school he is involved in a leadership role with many youth organizations including the Youth Lens Film Festival and Brampton Gavel Club. He has won many accolades for his activities, including provincial medals for DECA, and numerous awards at various speech contests. Besides writing, Imaan aims to pursue a career in Computer Science.

Headshot of William Graham

William Graham

World War 1 - The Canadian Response

The Canadian Nursing Sisters - The Forgotten Heroes

So you are Presenting or Coordinating a Presentation

William Graham was born in Sydney Nova Scotia in 1940 and married there in 1960. William worked as an Electrician in Nova Scotia where he raised his children. He since worked for Atomic Energy of Canada, Taught at George Brown College and ran his own Fiber Optic certification company for 25 years. William has 6 children, 7 Grandchildren and 8 Great grandchildren and, with his wife, Shirley spends time working with homeless persons in Brampton and Mississauga. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent DePaul.

Headshot Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green-Blair

Breathe like Gwendoline the Magical Gentle Dragon - How to Use Your Powerful Healing Breath to Help Stress Disappear!

Jennifer Green-Blair is a certified teacher and wellness advocate with over 17 years of experience working with all ages in the private and public educational systems. She has degrees in Env. Sc.,(Hons), and Lib. Sc., with specializations in Physics and Biology, and has additional qualifications in Language, Health and Wellness education. She has many Wellness and Health designations some of which include E-RYT 500, YACEP, Reiki Master and Clinical Aromatherapy. It is her mission to help her students find resilience and balance in their lives through a holistic approach that supports overall wellbeing.

Headshot of Bob Hahn

Bob Hahn

Melissa's Monsters

Born in 1970, Bob has always been drawing. In 2008 Bob was the winner of the Ben Wicks Award hosted by Regional Maple Leaf Communications and subsequently did the illustrations for The Elementary Safety Book for Children of that year. In 2010 Bob was invited to be RMC’s exclusive artist and worked with them for 8 1/2 years. During that time he created original characters and graphics for,, and His comic strips featuring "The Eco Family” and several animations starring "Andy" from Teenage Survival continue to be favourites with children and adults alike. Collaborating once again with his RMC editor, Toni Ziganash, Bob wrote and illustrated his first children’s book, Melissa’s Monsters which was published in 2020. Bob is forever grateful for his time with Regional Maple Leaf Communications which allowed him to explore, create and learn. He looks forward to creating other books for kids.

Headshot of Kim Harvey

Kim Harvey

The Belly Button Book

Kim Harvey is a mom of four grown children. She grew up in Brampton, Ontario where she currently resides. Kim is the manager of a non-profit thrift store that supports “Regeneration Outreach Centre” for the homeless in her community. Just a few short years ago Kim developed a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and believes that through His grace she has been given a second chance at making a difference in her life and in others who are curious about their own salvation. Kim remembers reading to her children when they were younger and hopes that this book will provide the same opportunity for other parents to bond and enjoy a bit of silliness with their own children.

Headshot of Amanda Hasan

Amanda Hasan


Amanda Hasan is the author of Joyless, a novella that tells the story of a lonely teenaged girl working at an amusement park. She graduated from Humber College in 2016. Currently, she is a student at University of Toronto majoring in Criminology and Sociology. Recently, she edited a children’s book for Dr. Katherine Bullock (Professor at University of Toronto). In her free time, Amanda likes to volunteer at Faith of Life Network and Sound Vision.

Headshot Muaaz Hassan 

Muhammad Muaaz Hassan


Muhammad Muaaz Hassan is a 14-year-old, Grade 9 AP student, who lives in Brampton with his parents and 2 brothers. He is passionate about Reading and Writing. "Trapped" is his first published book. He used the extra time at hand because of the COVID-19 Pandemic to finish his book and join the world of fiction writing.

Headshot of Michael Joll

Michael Joll

A Time to Love and a Time to Die

A conversation with a friend more than fifty years ago sparked an interest in The Great War, as the First World War was known until 1939, an interest that has grown with time. The Showcase of Local Authors featured my collection of short stories, “Perfect Execution & Other Stories” in 2018. A mystery series, set in Malaya between 1924 and 1941, “Persons Of Interest” followed in 2019. I am proud to present my first full length novel this year. “A Time To Love And A Time To Die” is a complex love story set during the years 1914-1918 when the war drove men, and women, to find love and solace amid the turbulence and social upheavals of the era. After immigrating from England in 1973, my wife and I have called Brampton home for forty-five years.

Headshot of Mustafa Khattab

Dr. Mustafa Khattab

Shukran: the Grateful Young Man

The Clear Quran: A Thematic English Translation

The Clear Quran for Kids

Dr. Mustafa Khattab is a Canadian-Egyptian author, youth mentor, public speaker, Imam, and ‎chaplain. He received his Ph.D. with Honours from Al-Azhar University, Egypt. He lectured at Clemson University, USA (OLLI Program, 2009-2010), held the position of Lecturer at Al-Azhar University for over a decade starting in 2003, and served as the Muslim Chaplain at Brock University and the University of Toronto (Mississauga) UTM, Canada. He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams and a Fulbright Interfaith Scholar. Dr. Khattab is the author of Shukran: the Grateful Young Man, an illustrated story for children (2020), The Clear Quran ‎for Kids (2020), The Clear Quran Dictionary (2020), the translator of The Clear Quran, ‎reportedly the first translation of the Quran ever completed and published in Canada (2015), the ‎author of The Nation of Islam (2011), and Outfoxing Fox News (2017), and contributor to the ‎Encyclopedia of Muslim American History (2010).‎

Headshot of Amanda Kissi

Anita Kissi

Little Hope Big Hope

Anita Kissi is touching the hearts of many children and families internationally, utilizing her talents as an author, musician, speaker, and upcoming lawyer. She recently graduated with a Juris Doctor degree specializing in both Australian and Canadian Law. She is passionate about Children’s Rights and recently received certification through Harvard University’s online groundbreaking program, “Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory and Practice". Anita has been recognized for her exemplary service and dedication to children receiving notable awards such as the Doris Ferguson Award for leadership in the areas of social responsibility, anti-racism, equity, multiculturalism, and peace initiatives in elementary schools. She is also the recipient of the Good Citizenship Award and Celebrating Youth Excellence Award. The highly requested speaker and storyteller has spoken at events all over the globe, including the United Nations division in Thailand and has been featured in the media.

Headshot of Gloria Adwoa Konadu

Gloria Adwoa Amoanimaa KONADU

Life Lesson Poetry 2; Oral Stimulation

Life Lesson Poetry 3: Spiritual Attraction


I am a child of GOD, married to Edward Asamoah Frimpong. I have one child for now (Gabriel K. Gyamfi). I love the life God has granted me and the family and friends God's blessed me with.

Headshot of Rev. Dr. Charles Mantey

Rev. Dr. Charles Mantey

Christianity As A Way of Life: Reflections on the Epistle of James

Jesus and the Seven Churches of Revelation

I'm a resident of Brampton. I'm also the Senior Pastor of Disciples Revival Church in Toronto. I'm a teacher, preacher and author.

Headshot of Tim Marczenko

Tim Marczenko

Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings

Out of the woods and out of the dark wanders Tim Marczenko, a Canadian writer, who is on the trail of monsters and strange phenomena. He travels around with a ratty notepad and a healthy skepticism, asking the questions that many dare not ask. When he's not lying awake, bug-eyed with anticipation of his next adventure, he's out enjoying a hike or a canoe trip. He resides in Ontario with his family and hopes that his work will enlighten the readers now and long after he is dead.

Headshot of Todd McGinnis

Todd McGinnis

Thunderbolts & Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel

Todd McGinnis is a professional playwright, screenwriter and published author who started writing and producing plays, sketches, short films in high school and never looked back. His stage plays and monologues are performed all over the English-speaking world, he has written and consulted on many screen projects and teaches classes in Screenwriting and Story Creation. "Thunderbolts & Dunderheads A Myth-sterically Funny Novel" is the novelization of "Thunderbolts & Dunderheads" his hilarious 2001 stage farce set amongst the gods of Mount Olympus, which made its world-debut right here in Brampton, providing some much-needed laughter in a world still reeling from the aftermath of 911. When 2020 became a year that clearly needed some laughs, Todd set aside other projects and poured all the hilarity he could manage into the pages of his first comedy novel and the reception, smiles and laughter have been a wonderful result.

Headshot of Mario Menezes

Mario Menezes

Conversations with an Immigrant

Mario Menezes migrated to Canada in 2015. Having experienced the typical challenges faced by new immigrants he decided to write "Conversations with an Immigrant" - a fictional story, that will help new immigrants have an easier transition as they look for a fulfilling profession in Canada. Mario is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). He loves investing in self-improvement and stock markets. Mario and his wife live in the city of Mississauga. They both mentor new immigrants and support them to find meaningful employment in their respective professions.

Bala Menon headshot 

Bala Menon

The 'Jewish Gandhi' Of Cochin: A 20th Century Nationalist/Zionist & His Cochin Assembly Speeches 

Bala Menon is a journalist/artist/historian and storyteller. He began his career with India's premier English-language newspaper 'The Times of India', in Mumbai, and then took up an assignment as Deputy Editor with 'Times of Oman', the national daily of the Sultanate of Oman in Muscat. He was later Deputy Night Editor at 'Gulf News', the largest circulated English-language newspaper in the Middle East, published from Dubai. He has travelled widely in the Middle East and Europe and is currently Editor-in-Chief at The Voice Media Group in Toronto, Canada. He is also co-author of the acclaimed book 'Spice & Kosher: Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews' and was also an Editor of the anthology 'Rhapsody Lane - A Selection of Works by Flower City Writers'. He has been a resident of Brampton for over 21 years.

Headshot of Liza Nanda

Liza Nanda

Nursery Rhymes

Liza Nanda is a doctorate in English Language and Literature. She is also an M.Phil and has published three books and translated one. She has numerous literary research papers to her name. At present, she is working as a Professor at Canadore@Stanford College, Mississauga and Brampton.

Headshot of Ariel Olalere 

Ariel Olalere

Tippy and Jakes: The Eagle of the Morning

I am Ariel Olalere. I am passionate about writing, reading and thinking. My interest in writing began when I was about 3 years old and continues to grow through the years. I am a voracious reader and super inquisitive about new learning. I have won many awards at my school, and I continue to volunteer whenever opportunity arises to share my gift of reading and writing with others. I am blessed with great parents, but continually inspired and motivated by my father. In my spare time, I like to play outdoor with my two brothers, David and Joel. Other books I have written which are in production are: The SunKing, the Moon Queen, and the Amethyst, The Diary of Notre dame, Stella, Friends and Babysitter, Geography and Nature from innocent view, A travel to the future (co-author).

Headshot of J W Patten 

J.W. Patten

Darker Than

J.W. Patten has been an avid reader and book collector since he was five years old. He is most at home in his personal library, surrounded by books and memorabilia from his childhood days. He also often wonders if his various toy collections move around at night and have adventures of their own while he is sleeping. The author resides in Brampton, Ontario, with his Lady and several wayward cats, all of whom, unsuccessfully, try to distract him from writing.

Headshot of Kenneth Puddicombe

Ken Puddicombe

Unfathomable And Other Poems

Ken Puddicombe is a professional Accountant who provided controllership for a number of companies in the private sector before he retired to pursue his love of writing. His writing has appeared in newspapers and literary journals in Canada and the U.K. Originally from British Guiana [now Guyana] in South America, he immigrated to Canada and still lives there with his family. Racing With The Rain is his first novel and was released in October 2012. His second novel Junta was published in 2014 and is set in the fictional island of Saint Anglia where the military stages a coup. His collection of short stories Down Independence Boulevard was released in 2017. His first book of poems Unfathomable and Other Poems was released in May 2020. His genre is fiction, based on international locations but especially focussed in Canada, the Caribbean and Guyana.

Headshot of Reyadh Rahaman

Reyadh Rahaman

Inner Expanses

With an education in visual storytelling, I have always enjoyed telling tales of all kinds. Fantasy and Horror are my preferred genres to read and write in, but I tend to play around and experiment when creating new stories. My first, and currently only book, is a Dark Fantasy novel about recurring monstrous massacres and a man who is trying to sort his life out after a mental breakdown. Though, these two are not directly connected, but linked from beyond dimensions.

Headshot of Christine Rees

Christine Rees

The Broken Rivalry (Hidden Legacy, Book 2)

Christine Rees is the Canadian teen fiction author behind the bestselling and award-winning YA novel, The Hidden Legacy. Christine is a Western University graduate, Sheridan alumni, and lover of all literature. She spends most of her time traveling, writing books, blogging about writing, and encouraging others to pursue their passions. Christine is also an admitted Netflix junkie who loves 90s movies and Harry Potter. When she's not sitting in front of her laptop with a vanilla latte or a cup of tea, Christine has two lazy cats and an energetic dog to keep her busy.

Headshot of David Rogers

David Rogers

Get 2020 Vision - Mental Wellness Edition of Awesome Coaching

Are you exploring experience and best practises in Elderly Care? Or Men's Mental Health? Women Leadership? Unity in Diversity and Inclusion? Disruptions in Education? Or Sustainability and Green Initiatives? Get 2020 Vision is the latest publication in a series of collaborations that was seeded in 1999 in Singapore and has focused on Social Entrepreneurship, Education, Wellness, and the UN Millennium Goals signed in September 2000. The author's focus in 2020 has been Mental Wellness in Canada, Canada's Role in Global Leadership and the importance of Social Entrepreneurship in a disruptive world. Dave Rogers is the change maker behind Get 2020 Vision, Continual Shift - Make Shift Happen, and numerous sustainable initiatives around the world.

Headshot of Jemma Ryken

Jemma Ryken

Together Evermore

Jemma Ryken began her voyage into writing at a young age. She is often found with her nose in a book or her head in the clouds. Having discovered that she is more in love with the idea of love, she dove head first into the romance genre. After taking courses in journalism she came to the realization that writing about soul mates and unbridled desire is her purpose. She leads a simple and wonderful life as a mother to a very curious little boy and has lived in Ontario, Canada her whole life.

Headshot Olivia Saldua

Olivia Saldua


When the world stood still

Olivia Saldua is a poet from Brampton, Ontario. At twenty years old, she is in her final year of her degree at the University of Western Ontario, where she studies French and Creative Writing. She spends her time reading, writing, and working her part-time job at Indigo. She accredits her success to her family, friends, and former English teachers at St. Roch Catholic Secondary School.

Headshot of Samita Sarkar

Samita Sarkar

Taste Tests: The Science of Simple, Healthier Desserts

Samita Sarkar is an author at Blossoms Books, and a teacher. She graduated from York University with a degree in Professional Writing. She lives in Canada.

Amrit Singh headshot

Amrit Singh

Keep Moving On: The Migration of a Punjabi-Sikh Family

Amrit Singh is an author, rapper, spoken word artist, and community organizer from Brampton. He has facilitated Hip-Hop & Mental Health workshops in schools and community spaces in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Best known as the rapper Noyz, Amrit has graced stages at SXSW and the Toronto International Film Festival. Amrit is also the co-host of "The Immigrant Hustle," a podcast where he interviews individuals to discuss their stories as immigrants and children of immigrants. "Keep Moving On" is Amrit’s first book.

Headshot Nitya Suresh

Nitya Suresh

To Life Itself

Nitya is a 16-year-old young Canadian author. Her passions lie in the medical field and in writing. She is also an avid supporter of mental health rights. It was these passions for writing, and mental health, as well as personal eye-opening experiences that led Nitya to write her debut novel, "To Life Itself". She plans to start an online organization in the coming months, to address mental health in youth. She also enjoys sketching, listening to orchestral music, and reading crime and law novels. She is currently working on a new novel to combat more mental health issues.

Headshot Colleen Taffee

Colleen Taffe

Why so Sad, Sammy?

Bridging the gaps between divergent approaches to care in medicine, religion, and social support communities, Colleen Taffe wears the hats of playwright, access and inclusion consultant, mental health professional, social advocate, and faith worker. Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn and Toronto, Colleen’s work centers around building holistic and experiential pathways to health and wellness for people and communities who are not getting the care and support they need. Colleen’s creative, professional, and personal life is deeply infused with a mixture of humour, hope, and a splash of realism. She is the author of a children’s book, eight plays and directed and acted in many more.

Headshot of Belynda Thomas

Belynda Wilson Thomas

Secrets and Silence

Belynda Wilson Thomas was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She is married and the mother of two children Aaron and Alanna. She and her husband Errol live in Mississauga, Ontario. This is her debut novel.

Headshot of Elizabeth Vaah

Elizabeth Vaah

Maame (Mother)

Allua (Elizabeth) Vaah hails from Bakanta, a village on the western coast of Ghana. She was the first in her family to attend high school, and one of the first few girls in her village to go to university. Maame is her first work of fiction. Allua is an advocate for better maternal health through her foundation, the Vaah Junior Foundation, and a strong advocate for girl’s education, always using her own life story as an example.

Headshot of Monique Verpoort

Monique Verpoort

Is This All There Is? Living a Life Beyond Obligation

Monique Verpoort is a registered social worker and trainer who has worked in the field of children's mental health for close to twenty years. She is a certified practitioner in the modality of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with both national (NeftTI) and international (EFT International) organizations. Her experience working with both clients and professionals as well as doing her own personal work over the years has provided her with a unique perspective on the way in which self-regulation techniques such as EFT coupled with focused action, can transform limiting beliefs into peace of mind, increased joy, positive transformation, and a life of unexplored possibility at any age. Monique has seen lives radically change for the better when subconscious limiting beliefs are transformed into empowered ones, and she continues to dedicate her life to helping women become emotionally free.

Headshot of Tony Watt

Tony Watt

Brother Soul Comix #Zero!: A Kount Kracula Picture Book : Gross Encounters!

Brother Soul Comix #1!: A Kount Kracula Picture Book : Planet of the Grapes!

Mr. A. Anthony ('Tony' ) Watt (aka: the kooky, benevolent author/artist/storyteller & TV Horror Host: ' Kount Kracula'; who lives in [and lurks] Hollyweird, Canada )! This 'Brother Soul Comix' picture-book #1, is the second (after the issue #Zero 'pilot' publication ), in a sanguine, satirical series of upcoming sardonic stories; in the cacophonic "Kount Kracula Picture-Book" concatenation. The Brother Soul Comix series' publication history (which starts with #0), started out as a cosplay-radio theatre programme (written & created by Tony), in March 2020 (just before the Covid-19 isolation phase). Then, due to mass self-isolation, worldwide, the radio project stalled & Watt eventually drew some of the Brother Soul radio-show characters in artwork form, & posted them on Facebook; to cheer up his depressed friends & fellow cast members. Watt then started what became the new retro-slapstick "Brother Soul Comix" adventure comic-book series. Enjoy!

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