The door to our Chinguacousy branch near the parking lot is BROKEN. Please use the door on the opposite side, near the beach volleyball court and skate park, to enter the Library.

Welcome to Black History Month 2024! Here at Brampton Library, honouring the successes, challenges, and resilience of the Black community locally and in Canada is a way of fulfilling our mission to build an inclusive community. Visit our website to discover the programs and resources that are freely available to you.

The Black community in Brampton has deep roots. From a small number of settlers in the nineteenth century – likely escaped and freed former slaves – the community has grown through successive waves of migration from elsewhere in North America as well as the Caribbean and Africa. 

Today, the Black community is the second-largest visible minority group in Peel, comprising over 137,000 people in 2021, 62% of whom live in Brampton. They work in multiple professions, operate thriving businesses, and are active in churches, community organizations, and the arts. 

This month – and throughout the year – I invite you to experience the vibrancy of Black culture, seek out  Black-owned businesses and participate in events such as those held by Brampton on Stage,  Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives and of course Brampton Library. I hope to see you here!

When my kids have been inside too much, I have often turned to the library as a place to play, borrow new books, and meet with friends. March Break is a wonderful time for kids to be kids and get a little rest before heading into the last half of the year. Until, inevitably, we all hear, “I’m bored.” 

Here are my secrets for keeping kids engaged without spending a dime!

An absolute classic is the Nature Scavenger Hunt! Make a list together before you go outside of things you want to find. Bring your list and a writing utensil to check off the things as you find them. If you can, take a photo with the found items to capture the memory of working together!

There may also be moments when you need to work and keep the kids busy, but they’ve watched everything on Netflix and it’s only Tuesday! If you want to offer screen time, but with new content away from YouTube, while using a device with an internet connection, connect to our website to access Kanopy for kid-friendly content that’s free with your Brampton Library card. To learn more, see our Movie and TV Streaming page.

Make their playdate with friends unforgettable by borrowing the mini hockey set or a board game!

If you want your kids to learn or practice their coding skills, Hour of Code is the perfect place to start. Interacting with Hour of Code feels like playing a game, but they are learning coding skills too!

When you hear, “I’m bored”, challenge them! During the pandemic, Brampton Library staff created Virtual STEM Challenges that families can complete at home without any special materials. They will need to collect materials from around the house, and use their problem solving skills to complete the challenge - boom! There’s another afternoon of fun!

Don’t forget to look into Brampton Library’s amazing FREE programs - Magicians, LEGO Mania, and Slime - oh my! 

We hope to see you soon!

Your Brampton Library membership offers free access to a wide range of online resources for all ages and interests. As a responsible service provider, we are constantly evaluating our purchasing decisions.  

Due to low usage and a high cost per use, along with concerns around information accuracy and platform quality, access to Scott’s Directories online will no longer be offered by Brampton Library. The last day to use Scott’s Directories online is December 31, 2023

The following resources provide business information on Canadian companies:

  1. The City of Brampton’s GeoHub is an open data resource that maintains and regularly updates local business directories, including the Brampton Business Directory and Brampton Black Business Directory.
  2. Search the Ontario Business registry online to get basic information about a business or not-for-profit organization. 
  3. Search for suppliers and competitors using directories of Canadian companies maintained and provided by the Government of Canada:
  4. Find information on specific industries and companies in Canada

If you need assistance, or would like to share your feedback, please call 905-793-4636 or use our Ask a question feature.

Happy Family Literacy Day! Every year on January 27th readers across Canada come together to celebrate literacy. This year's theme, Let's Have a Family Party, encourages us to explore the wonders of reading through playful and engaging activities that bring us closer together.

Here are five (5) things you can do as a family to celebrate this special day:

1. Play a Board Game - Get ready to dive into a world of fun and learning! Borrow a board game for free with your Brampton Library card or join us at Game On programs in our branches. Board games aren’t just about rolling dice or moving pieces; think of them as secret tools for boosting literacy skills! Challenge your mind with games that spark reading comprehension, critical thinking, and problem-solving. It’s not just playtime – it’s an adventure where you’ll level up your literacy skills together.

2. Mad Gab - Are you ready for a wild word adventure? Challenge each other to crack these puzzling phrases, by decoding the phonetic riddles and unraveling the hidden meanings. Sharpen your wits, embrace the linguistic chaos, and discover the magic of cracking codes as a team. It’s a madcap literacy quest that will leave you laughing and learning!

  1. Vizit the Sly Bree
  2. Redding Tooth Her Rise Fun
  3. Burrow’s No Shows From the Bree
  4. Eye Luff Reeding Graffick Knaw Voles
  5. Sew Manny Buxo Lil Lime

(answers below)

3. Storytime Charades - Here is a fun way to bring the characters and scenes in your favourite stories to life. Challenge your family members to guess which fantastic stories you’re reimagining in this game that turns reading adventures into lively performances and makes storytelling an unforgettable experience for everyone!

4. Storytelling Relay - Imagine crafting a tale where every twist and turn is a surprise. Start with a line or an idea, then watch the magic unfold as each family member adds their unique spin. From quirky characters to unexpected plot twists, it’s a masterpiece in the making!

5. Create a Family Poetry Jam - Enjoy crafting your own rhymes or sharing poems you love. Then, gather 'round for a cozy chat, where we'll explore how these poems make us feel and what stories they tell. It's a fun way to dive into the world of words together!

Family Literacy Day is a reminder that every day offers opportunities to explore, create, and embrace the joy of practicing literacy as a family. Keep the stories alive, the words flowing, and the joy of reading and playing together alive throughout the year.

Mad Gab Answers

  1. Visit the Library
  2. Reading together is fun
  3. Borrow snowshoes from the Library
  4. I love reading graphic novels
  5. So many books, so little time

I am thrilled to invite you to participate in the Library’s exciting lineup of programs and events for Canadian Library Month in October. 

The third week of the month is also Ontario Public Library Week and this year’s theme is Libraries for Life/Biblios pour la vie. To show how important our customers are, the Library’s Customer Appreciation Week October 14-22 will feature a book sale at every branch on October 14 and 15, followed by a scavenger hunt activity on October 21 and 22 where you can complete a series of activities for a chance to win a Brampton Library swag bag. To top it off, you can enter a draw to win one of two iPads and 8 $100 Bramalea city Centre gift cards by completing our survey.

October is also the month of our very popular TechTober celebration - a series of programs that focus on technology (or have a technological twist). Join us to explore the opportunities and potential that technology can offer. We have an incredible lineup of events featuring partners and guest speakers who will engage and empower audiences by way of digital literacy, hands-on learning, and community building experiences.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are joining libraries across North America to mark TeenTober. Throughout the month we will be posting Teen Talks videos about the topics teen creators in Brampton are passionate about, on Instagram and Facebook, culminating in an in person event on October 26 from 6 -7 pm at Cyril Clark branch

Thank you for your support of Brampton Library and help us spread the word!

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