This one goes out to YOU, Brampton! Here’s a review of our time together in 2022.

A black background with white text that reads, "You are a ferocious reader! In 2022, you borrowed books more than 1,967,457 times!

You read all sorts of things, big books, short stories, poetry, educational reads, and more. 

If you lined up all the books you borrowed over 2022, it would stretch a distance over 449 km long. That’s equivalent to the distance from Gage Park in downtown Brampton to Ottawa, Ontario. Wow! 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the books you enjoyed this year.

A blue background with white text that reads, "lets take a look at the books you borrowed most in 2022"

This year you explored so many new authors and these were among your faves:

86 Local peel authors signed up for Local Author Showcase, that's 58% more than the previous year. 115 titles, 80 books, and 35 ebooks.

You explored our Local Authors Showcase of books by authors living in Peel region more than any other year.

You explored the world of cinema, watching more than 34,000 films on Kanopy this year!

Cinephile, movie buff, potato, potato! In 2022 you watched hundreds of hours of films on Kanopy. You deserve a pat on the back for that one!

You borrowed more than 250,382 issues on PressReader. Here's the top 5:

You are cultured, educated and passionate. It’s no wonder that you turn to PressReader to read up-to-the-minute journals, periodicals, newspapers, and magazines from many countries around the world. Over 2022, You read these magazines over and over again, click any link to read one more time!

You used CloudLibrary at an astonishing rate, borrowing ebooks and audiobooks a total of 438,506 times.

You downloaded more than 438,506 books this year. Just for reference, the average person usually reads 33 books in any given year. You blew that stat out of the water. Here’s a look at your top choices.

Black background with book titles that reads "top audio books:

You didn’t just read, you also listened. These were your top audio picks. 

Black background with book titles that reads "top ebooks:

You had books in your hand, audiobooks playing on your speaker and titles downloaded to your device. (Honestly, we’re blushing). Here are the books you downloaded most often. 

you visited our branches more than one million times this year.

We can’t imagine spending our time with anyone else, so thank you.

you were among more than 9,150 parents and kids who joined us for in-person family storytime.

You were a social butterfly! You met up with friends and saw new faces at so many of our weekly programs. We can’t wait to see you at even more in 2023!

Blue blackground with text that reads, "In 2022, you wanted to connect with us"

You just knew when and where to reach out to us. A big THANK YOU from everyone here at BL.

Blue background with text that reads, "When it came to our blog, you loved reading about these topics"

Just like you are doing right now, you read all of our blogs (sometimes twice!) Here are the topics that inspired you the most -

Green background with text that reads, "You followed us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Take a look at your 2022 faves!

Thanks for the follows!! You checked in with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok, and we felt the love between us grow!

White background that reads, "Thanks for spending 2022 with us!"

That's a wrap! Thank you for making us a part of your year—see you in 2023!

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